FEBRUARY 18, 2019

The new collection service will begin in March, with recyclable materials in the Municipalities of Almeida, Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, Fornos de Algodres and Meda.


Resiestrela, the EGF concessionaire responsible for the concession of the Multi-municipal System for Selective Collection, Recovery and Treatment of Urban Solid Waste of Cova da Beira, will implement a door-to-door collection service for recyclable materials in 4 municipalities. This service will start at the beginning of March in the Municipalities of Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, Fornos de Algodres, Meda and Almeida.


The initiative is articulated with the respective local authorities, namely with the contact with the merchants and with the presentation of the door-to-door collection service for small shops and services, which will be held until the end of February.


This action aims to promote the increase in the collection of recyclable materials, Glass, Paper / Cardboard and Plastic, as it is found that the waste containers in some areas contain large quantities of recyclable materials that were being taken for undifferentiated treatment. From now on these materials can be valued through the new collection service that Resiestrela provides, with benefit to the environment and the consequent reduction of its treatment costs borne by the Municipality.


This service will be carried out free of charge for the user entities, by a properly identified car and Resiestrela employees, and will be provided weekly in shops and services that wish to join the door-to-door collection of recyclable materials.


The Resiestrela and the Municipalities that are already and will be served by the new door-to-door collection of recyclable materials in small commerce and services, believe that the promotion of environmental awareness of entrepreneurs / merchants, will allow, with a collective effort , increase the recycling of materials, improving the quality of life of each of us.