The EcoBeaches campaign is already "on the beach"!


With the arrival of summer and the increase of population in the bathing season (in the months between June and September), there is a relevant impact on waste production and, therefore, an important responsibility in fulfilling the national objectives on the promotion of circular economy and territorial enhancement.


The EcoBeaches Campaign has as its main focus promoting awareness actions that alert the population to recycle by the seaside, directing their waste to the right containers and diverting it from the oceans and landfills. The environmental awareness campaign is taking place on the beaches in the areas covered by Amarsul and Valorlis companies.


Participate and contribute for a cleaner beach!



In the beaches, the participants of holiday camps and other bathers will be made aware by monitors on the theme of the separation of recyclable materials.

During July and August, Recycle Bingo fans who check-in at the Ecopoints located at the exit of the beaches covered by the campaign will win 6 EcoMoedas and a Badge.


More information:

July 4 to 31 (9h/13h) - during the week at the sea beaches in Almada, Sesimbra and Setúbal.

August 6 to 28 (9h/13h) - weekdays at the river beaches: Alcochete (Praia dos Moinhos), Barreiro (Praia de Alburrica), Moita (Praia Gaio-Rosário) and Sesimbra (Lagoa de Albufeira)

*List of beaches covered: Albatroz, Lorosae, Leblon, Bicho d'Água, The Ocean Beach Bar, Kontiki, Pé Nu, Praia do CDS/Dr. Bernard, Praia do Tarquinio - Paraíso, Praia do Dragão Vermelho, Praia Nova / Espaço 20, Golfinho, Mata, Grão de Areia + Riviera, Casa do Sol + Rainha, Castelo (Manduca + Yamba), Cabana do Pescador (Delmare + Half Metro), Princesa, Rei (Hula Hula).

Morena (Water's Edge), Mermaid (Waikiki, Infante (Turtle), Bela Vista (Beach house, Terminus, Americano (Move On), Aroeira (Beach Bar), Beach Cabana, Rampa, Kailua, Oh, Ti João, Areias da Telha, Bambu



Valorlis is present in the region beaches, during August, with the campaign EcoBeaches.  The campaign EcoBeaches, carried out in partnership with the region's Town Halls, will have awareness-raising actions aimed at holiday camps and other holidaymakers, on the beaches: Praia Fluvial do Agroal (Ourém), Praia de São Pedro de Moel and Praia da Vieira de Leiria (Marinha Grande), Praia do Pedrogão (Leiria) and Praia do Osso da Baleia (Pombal). The Valorlis monitors will be near the entrance of each beach to sensitize the vacationers for the recycling theme, inviting the population to separate their residues correctly so that, at the end of the visit to the beach, the beach remains clean and the produced residues are sent to recycling.


During these actions, Recycle BinGo will be promoted, an application that works as a game, which aims to reward the good environmental performance of citizens. The main mission is to visit the usual recycling bin and separate your waste. By checking in, we unlock a set of nice little bugs, the EcoGifts, with which we fill our BinGo cards. The EcoCoins earned can be exchanged for prizes, such as discount vouchers at the supermarket and much more.


Besides this main mission, Recycle BinGo is launching special missions and during the month of August, by checking in one of the ecopoints of Valorlis EcoBeaches, the users have the possibility to win the double of the EcoCoins they usually earn.