MAY 31, 2019

Watch the report on the Festa do Alvarinho and Fumeiro EcoEvent, a reference of good practices and concretised by the Municipal Council of Melgaço and by the company of Valorminho, which raised a total of 10.5 tons of packaging for recycling, produced by about 60,000 visitors in just 3 days.


This EcoEvent happened from April 26 to 28 and has already 25 editions, but this time was even more sustainable. In addition to good environmental practices implemented in the site, all recycling efforts of the organization and participants were encouraged and accounted for.


Valorminho has made available 30 m3 of glass, paper / board and plastic and metal packaging, reinforced the enclosure containers, distributes 240 l glass for the alvarinho producing stands, provided structures for the deposition selective and oil spills to the restaurants installed on the premises. During the party on the 27th and 28th, domestic ecopoints were distributed to the population.


All the booths installed were sensitized by Valorminho and by the Municipality of Melgaço, with the distribution of Ecobags for the separation of waste.


This year, Valorminho had a partnership with Sociedade Ponto Verde, marking its presence with backpackers who circulated throughout the event encouraging the separation of packaging and facilitating access to their separation.


To watch the report: CLICK HERE




An EcoEvent is a one-off initiative, certified by each EGF concessionaire, which takes place in a predefined space, which has a limited duration and is an example of adopting appropriate environmental measures that promote sustainability concepts. The EcoEventos are supported with an appropriate selective collection service adapted to their size, local awareness and economic benefits associated with the quantity of containers separated correctly.


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