EcoEvents from north to south of the country

EcoEvents continue to mark their presence from north to south of the country.


EGF and its 11 companies are promoting and supporting sustainable events among municipalities and organisations from the north to the south of the country.

Summer festivals, sporting events and festivals are the first target of this campaign that aims to spread proper environmental habits everywhere.


The aim is to ensure that organisers ensure the proper management of waste produced in the event venues, from its prevention, reuse and recycling, and to raise awareness among participants to collaborate in this collective movement.


In recent months, there have been many and varied good examples of EcoEvents: the 29th International Motorcycle Concentration in Góis (Góis); Sol da Caparica Festival (Costa da Caparica); Paredes de Coura Festival (Paredes de Coura); Meo Kalorama (Lisbon) and Douro & Porto Wine Festival (Lamego); lots of city festivals and races throughout the country.


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