SEPTEMBER 26, 2019

The ECOPRAIAS - “Let's Recycle by the Sea” campaign, promoted by Amarsul, EGF concessionaire, collected this summer a total of 165 tons of waste for recycling.


This unprecedented campaign promoted for the first time the collection and recycling of waste in 33 beaches of the regions of Almada, Sesimbra and Setúbal from June 22 to September 15.


Aimed at the general population, but with a special focus on children who go to the beach with their holiday camps, the initiative has raised awareness of good environmental practices and the importance of proper separation of packaging waste, totaling over 400 holiday organizers, 22,700 children and 91,400 people in total.


The collection of the packages was ensured with a network of ecopoints, together with Amarsul “backpackers” who traveled the beaches - which allowed to collect 50 tons of plastic and metal, 35 tons of paper and cardboard and 80 tons of glass.




Following this strategy of continuously contributing to the environmental education of the population, EGF already has in the field the new edition of the ECOVALOR program. Running during this school year, this initiative is dedicated to making known the good environmental practices among the school community, distinguishing, with a monetary prize, the good environmental behaviors. For each well-packaged plastic, metal and beverage packaging bag delivered, the school that adheres to this awareness program will receive € 0.50. The schools in each municipality that recycle the most will be rewarded with a higher value.


This program also includes a tour with itinerant planetariums of environmental education “Our Home is a Planet”, where you can watch 360º films dedicated to the themes of prevention, reuse and recycling.


Nationwide, in 2018 the ECOVALOR Program carried out nearly 8,000 awareness actions and involved 203,732 participants across the country, contributing to the collection of 1,160 tonnes of waste, of which 619 tonnes were plastic and metal, 111 tonnes of glass and 430 tons of paper and cardboard.


Data from the 2019 ECOPRAIAS campaign and the launch of the new edition of the ECOVALOR program are presented today at a meeting promoted by Amarsul, EGF and Almada City Hall, in São João da Caparica, which is attended by ISWA - International Solid Waste environmental communication specialists.