JANUARY 16, 2019

Algar, EGF's concessionaire in the Algarve region, delivered the first EcoEvento seal of 2019 to the National Seminar Eco-Escolas 2019, an initiative promoted by the ABAE - Blue Flag Association of Europe - Eco-Schools with the support of the Lagoa City Council, which was held from January 18 to 20 at the Arade Congress Center and was attended by around 400 teachers, technicians from municipalities working with the Eco-Schools program and other professionals involved in environmental education.


Algar promotes concrete initiatives that turn events into good environmental examples. The objective is to ensure that the organizers ensure the proper management of waste produced in the event venues, preventing their production, motivating their reuse, recycling and sensitizing the participants to collaborate in this collective movement.


In 2018 there were many and varied good examples of EcoEventos in the Algarve region: Festival Med (Loulé); Fatacil (Lagoon); Carnival (Loulé); 37th International Motorcycle Concentration (Faro); Medieval Fair of Silves; Mamamaratona (Portimão); Paddle Out For Nature (Vila do Bispo); Mediterranean Diet Fair (Tavira), among others. The numerous festivals of the 16 municipalities allowed to send more than 30 thousand kilos of recyclables for valorization, diverting these residues from the deposition in embankment.


In addition to supporting the initiative, ALGAR was involved in the Eco-Show exhibition, the Environment Fair that took place in parallel to the seminar, in the same place, through the presence of the Environmental Education Vehicle (VEA), where it provided information on the projects underway in the scope of the company's communication and environmental awareness activities. Visitors who passed the VEA were given the Guide with all the awareness activities carried out by the company, free of charge, for schools and municipalities in the Algarve region. Algar distributed ecobags and informative signs for incentive in the domestic separation / disposal of recyclable packaging.


What is an EcoEvent

An EcoEvent is a one-off initiative, certified by the EGF concessionaires, which takes place in a pre-defined space, for a limited period of time, where appropriate environmental measures are carried out, contributing to the sustainability of the region. EcoEventos are supported with an appropriate selective collection service adapted to their size, local awareness and economic benefits associated with the number of properly separated packages.


This initiative is part of an environmental communication strategy in the implementation phase of all EGF Group concessionaires, which combines social innovation and results focus, in a methodology that has been financed by POSEUR (Cohesion Fund) and practice is to make the citizen recycle everything, always and everywhere.