MAY 14, 2020

With the suspension of school attendance activities due to a pandemic by Covid-19, EGF released the Ecovalor Online Program, as a substitute for school attendance initiatives. In order to provide more support to teachers and educators, the program means to promote environmental awareness campaigns by videoconference dedicated to the theme of urban waste, recycling and the impacts of waste management in our lives.

Assembled by monitors of environmental education, Ecovalor awareness campaigns are adapted to various levels of primary, middle and secondary education, targeting the entire school community. This program also presumes participation in the already chosen digital platforms of each school or institution.

The Ecovalor Program aims to promote good environmental practices in learning facilities and institutions throughout the country, rewarding those that show the best performance in the recycling of their used packaging. In 2019, this program reached more than 392.000 students, which sent 2.535 tons of packaging for recycling.

To participate in Ecovalor, you only need to contact the EGF concessionaire responsible for waste management in your area of residence or send an email to: