DECEMBER 17, 2019

126 tons of recyclable waste is the figure achieved by Valnor in the ECOVALOR program; the dedicated school community program implemented throughout EGF's intervention area.


Valnor, EGF's concessionaire, awarded schools that performed the best in recycling their used packaging during the 2018/19 school year.


Under the “Separa e Ganha (Separate and Win)” competition, and in exchange for waste, schools, private social welfare organisations and associations, will receive more than 25,000 euros.


Of the 126 tons raised, 93 tons of paper and cardboard and 33 tons of plastic and metal packaging were sent for recycling.


According to Nuno Heitor, Deputy Director of Valnor, "Valnor is a company whose mission is to promote recycling in its region, and to this end, its focus has been reflected on environmental education and social responsibility campaigns, to involve the community in our environmental and social mission."