NOVEMBER, 05 2018

EGF´s Concessionaire Suldouro is promoting the Ecovalor Program, a national social innovation project that attributes economic benefits to those who separate used packaging. This program is one of the largest national investments in education and environmental awareness, and is co-financed by POSEUR at around 2.6 million euros.


Last October 30, 2018, at the Suldouro infrastructures in Sermonde and, in the presence of representatives of the municipalities of Vila Nova de Gaia and Santa Maria da Feira, the prizes related to the Solidarity Campaign Tonnes of Help were delivered to the educational institutions.


The initiative promoted by Suldouro aims to help the social causes designated by the participating schools that during the school year promoted the collection of packaging waste for their respective sending communities for recycling.


In the 2017/2018 edition, about 114 tons of recyclable waste were collected, which allowed schools to raise more than 11,000 euros, which will be applied to social causes named by these educational institutions.


Suldouro thanks the entire educational community for their commitment and dedication.