OCTOBER 19, 2017

The companies of the EGF Group competed with the Environmental Fund with two applications, grouped in Consortium and led by Valorsul and Resiestrela, with the projects Recycle Bin-Go - Mobile Application and Actions of Environmental Education.
Both projects were approved by the Ministry of the Environment and will be financed and executed still in 2017, in a total investment of 192,000 €. These initiatives are innovative in the way they approach the citizen, both by technological development and by the creative approach, and both bet on a paradigm shift that gives more relevance and evidence to the concrete benefits that both the individual and the society obtain through the act of separating and recycling their waste.
Recycle Bin-Go - Mobile Application

The APP is a project run by Valorsul (partner leader), Amarsul and Valorlis, and will function as an interactive game in which the citizen (and its sphere of influence - family nucleus, friends of social networks, co-workers) is invited and to participate. This participation implies going to the container, adopting correct behaviors in the separation of recyclable residues and sharing information in its network of influence. Each of these behaviors and tasks performed in the APP will correspond in reality, with the attribution of points. The more times you travel to your eco-spot, the more points you earn; and every time the citizen shares the good behavior or pedagogical contents, also earn points. This project links the gaming component to the reality of recycling, and rewards citizens for good behavior.
Environmental Education Actions in itinerant planetariums

The Resiestrela (leader of the Partnership), Algar, Ersuc, Resulima, Suldouro, Valnor and Valorminho are the companies that constitute the Partnership that have applied for the Environmental Education Actions project. These actions will be dedicated to the issue of urban waste and will resort to innovative technological methods of information transmission as a structure to support action. For its accomplishment will be designed and produced 3 specially designed films with contents adapted to 3 different target groups: Kindergarten / 1st Cycle; 2nd / 3rd Cycles; Secondary / Adult, which will be presented in 360º full dome, an innovative form of projection that incorporates real and three-dimensional images projected into an inflatable dome using itinerant planetariums. Each awareness-raising event will last for thirty-five minutes with the presentation of a film, a game on the theme and delivery of teaching materials that allow to consolidate the knowledge obtained and serve as a vehicle for the transmission of information. Mobile immersive cinema is an innovative concept of learning that stimulates and encourages students towards sustainable production and consumption, being a means of excellence to capture the attention of young people and transmit information in a creative and innovative way.