NOVEMBER 09, 2021

EGF supports and participates on the 10th and 11th of November in the 15th National Waste Forum, a national event organized by the Jornal Água e Ambiente, at the SANA Malhoa Hotel, in Lisbon.


This is a landmark event sponsored by EGF and with the participation of 3 speakers who will represent EGF in the discussion panels dedicated to the fulfillment of ambitious recycling targets, the start of the selective collection of bio-waste on a national scale or the end of landfill at 10% by 2035.


interventions by Marta Neves, Executive Administrator, Marta Correia, Head of the Legal Area and Filipa Pantaleão, Head of Technical Management will mark EGF's presence at the event.


Participate and see the full event program here