NOVEMBER 15, 2017

EGF participates actively next week at the 10th International Technical Waste Conference, organized by APESB and held at the Porto Superior  Institute of Engeneering, from November 21 to 23.

These seminars are a technical reference on waste issues at the national level and include national and international reference speakers, notably Antonis Mavropoulos, President of ISWA - International Solid Waste Association, and Timothy Bouldry, ISWA Program Coordinator who has already taken more than 40 children and youth out of Nicaraguan dumpsites in exchange for scholarships and inspires similar programs around the world.


The EGF will be present with two communications, provided by Eliana Félix - Selective door-to-door collection project in Suldouro, and Ana Loureiro - Strategic Environmental Communication.

The program also has relevant institutional presences, with master classes and specialized technical visits and will be a space for debate for the sector. For more information: