10TH MAY, 2022

EGF Group rewards schools that recycled the most in 2021

884 schools from the North to the South of the country participated


In 2021, 884 schools took part in the Ecovalor Programme - the environmental education programme dedicated exclusively to the school community and available in about 60% of the country. There were around 274,460 students, teachers and assistants who, despite the pandemic, implemented good waste reduction and reuse practices and recycled 2,458 tonnes of packaging.


All these schools sent for recycling 1,684 tonnes of paper and cardboard, 609 tonnes of plastic, metal and drink packs and 255 tonnes of glass. The material sorted by the students was sent for recycling and each school receives its prize according to the amount recycled, for a total of 122,896 euros.


At national level, the Monte - Vila Nova de Gaia School came first with 26 tonnes, followed by the Children's Centre of Faro Hospital (23 tonnes) and the EB1/JI Conceição de Faro School (21 tonnes). These were the winning schools of the 19th edition of the programme, which is already being prepared for the 2022-2023 school year.


TOP+ | Regional Champions

Each concessionary also distinguishes the schools that recycle the most in each region, and the results of which are published.


Ecovalor Programme

The Ecovalor Programme aims to promote good environmental practices in educational establishments, rewarding those with the best performance in recycling their used packaging. In addition to awareness-raising actions (also available online), this programme ensures selective collection, delivers bags and media and includes the Separate and Win competition - for each bag of packaging sent to the yellow recycling bin, the school will receive €0.50. The values associated to the recycling of paper/cardboard and glass are specific to some regions, which have already taken the step to recycle more materials.


More information about this initiative on this link: www.egf.pt/pt/sustentabilidade/educacao-ambiental/programa-ecovalor/