APRIL 19, 2018

EGF was present at the 12th National Waste Forum held at the Hotel Sana Lisboa on April 18 and 19, an annual event where the waste sector debates the present and the future in front a wide panel of participants.


EGF actively participated with a presentation by Administrator Marta Neves and with a participation in the debate held by Filipa Pantaleão, in which both presented the company's positions on issues such as the challenges for the selective collection, for the organic valuation and for the multi-material valorization.


In the Forum it was also possible to get to know the project Our House is a Planet, with several sessions of presentation of the films Ecotransformation, Pass the Message and Youtuber, films that are dedicated to the various levels of school education.


The forum also featured the presentation of App Recycle Bingo, an application developed by Valorsul, Amarsul and Valorlis that encourages selective collection by showing a film project from the presentations to the debates of the event.


Recognized Quality of Service


There were 7 (seven) EGF Concessionaires that were part of the list of entities that received quality seals in urban waste management for the year 2017 awarded by ERSAR (Water and Waste Services Regulatory Authority).


The distinction was attributed to management entities that provide urban waste management services and the seals were delivered at the end of the event, and this list includes Ersuc, Resiestrela, Resinorte, Resulima, Valorlis, Valorminho and Valorsul.


These prizes were also awarded to five (5) management entities: Association of Municipalities of Alentejo Central, GESAMB, LIPOR, INOVA and the Municipal Services of Abrantes.


The selection of the distinguished entities was done according to the regulation "Awards and Seals of Water and Waste Services, Data for 2016".


A certificate and the right to use the stamp image in the context of its institutional communication, namely on the Internet and advertising website, were delivered to the management entities that were awarded a quality stamp.


With this initiative, it is evident the existence of a rigorous system of evaluation of the services provided to consumers, who come to know the entities that provide the best service in different areas. It is also intended to sensitize management entities to quality issues in the design, implementation, management and operation of systems.


This ERSAR initiative is carried out in partnership with the Jornal Água & Ambiente. Also participating in the Jury are several representatives of the sector, such as the Portuguese Water Distribution and Drainage Association (APDA), the Portuguese Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering (APESB), the Portuguese Association of Water Resources (APRH), ESGRA - Association for Waste Management, APEMETA - Portuguese Association of Environmental Technology Companies and DECO - Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection.