APRIL 15, 2020

EGF, in cooperation with ISWA - International Solid Waste Association, launched a set of guidelines on "Crisis Communication" in times of pandemic, for the waste management sector.

In the video produced, Ana Loureiro, Communication Director of EGF, mentions the importance of responsible communication, adapted to the context of each country; illustrates the Portuguese example with the rules that have been issued by official bodies; showcases EGF's initiatives, with the genesis of an online project composed by pedagogical material and standard answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and urges the citizens to follow the waste rules as to avoid contagion and protect themselves and waste management workers.

ISWA - International Solid Waste Association is a non-governmental association whose mission is to promote and develop professional waste management worldwide as a contribution to sustainable development. The organization has an area on its website dedicated to COVID-19 that demonstrates how waste treatment is carried out during the pandemic around the world.



The video is also being showcased in Brazil, through ABRELPE - Associação Brasileira de Empresas de Limpeza Pública e Resíduos Especiais - an organization whose mission is to promote the technical-operational development of solid waste management in Brazil.



In cooperation, through informative videos in several languages, we are able to spread the message more easily and inform more people from different countries. We are stronger together against the pandemic!