DECEMBER 16, 2019

Similar to last year, EGF rejoined Pinheiro Bombeiro (fireman pine tree).


Pinheiro Bombeiro is a social initiative of the Portuguese startup Rnters that allows, during the Christmas period, to rent real Christmas pines.


The pines used are thinning pines, the result of clearing a ground in the Coruche area.


Each pine has a cost of 20 € of which 5 € revert to the purchase of professional firefighting equipment (masks, gloves, suits, among others). In 2018 alone, more than 18,000 euros were raised for the firefighters of Viana do Castelo.


At the end of the lease, the pine is returned and transformed into biomass, finalizing the lease and its use in a sustainable way.


This initiative has the support of the Portuguese Association of Voluntary Firefighters.