APRIL 09, 2020

Yesterday, EGF was featured in the program "Portugal em Direto" of RTP1 broadcast channel, presented by Dina Aguiar.


Ana Loureiro, Communication's Director at EGF, answered the most frequently asked questions from citizens related to recycling, collection and treatment of waste during COVID-19's pandemic and clarified any lingering doubts about waste management during this pandemic phase.


The company's participation in the program also extended to its concessionaires. Marta Alçada, Communications' Manager at Resiestrela, was interviewed in the recorded report presented during the program, about the increase in household waste caused by the confinement of families during the pandemic in Cova da Beira, with Resiestrela accounting for 20% more recyclable waste than in the past homologous period.

During the group's participation in the program, the importance of people staying at home was also emphasized as to safeguard the safety of workers in the collection and treatment of waste.