MARCH 15, 2024


This initiative is a unique opportunity to show local communities our facilities and learn more about waste treatment and recovery processes.


EGF Group companies are opening their doors on March 23 with the aim of bringing local communities closer together. These visits allow citizens to learn about the processes related to the collection and recovery of urban waste and raise awareness of good environmental practices and recycling.


On this day, when the EGF Group companies will be open to the public, it will be possible to understand what happens to the waste after it has been placed in the respective containers, deconstruct myths about recycling and clarify the rules for the correct separation of waste.


This initiative reflects the commitment of EGF and its concessionaires, whose priority in their activity is to provide a public service of excellence in favor of the entire community and environmental sustainability.



Registration is free and limited to existing places. To take part in this initiative, find out which facilities and times are available and sign up:




      • To visit the companies: ALGAR; ERSUC; RESINORTE; RESIESTRELA; RESULIMA; SULDOURO; VALNOR; VALORMINHO - contact the Recycling Hotline - 800 911 400 (free call) or send an e-mail to:



  • To visit VALORSUL, send an email to indicating the facility you want to visit, the total number of visitors (number of adults and number of children) and the time you want to visit.


Information for the visit:

- It is MANDATORY to wear closed, flat shoes and clothing.

- Personal protective equipment will be available during the visit.

- Participants can bring recyclable waste (paper/cardboard, plastic/metal/drink cartons and glass).



Facilities and timetables available: