MARCH 27, 2017

EGF treated and valued 3.2 Million tons of municipal waste


EGF, through its 11 Concessionaires, received, treated and valued 3.2 Million tons of urban Waste in 2016, from 174 municipalities and produced by 6.3 Million inhabitants.


The waste received represents 64% of the national production, and it was possible to recycle materials, save the consumption of raw materials, produce compost and renewable energy. In 2016 a total of 281.000 tons of packaging were sent for recycling, 35.000 tons of organic correctives were produced and 546 GWh of energy produced.


The involvement of the population of the 174 municipalities in the areas covered by EGF companies was essential to achieve these results. Each citizen, by separating and putting the packaging in the recycling bin, contributed to the fact that by the end of 2016 it was possible to send for recycling materials that allow to produce or save very significant resources.


EGF remains committed to ensuring that the waste produced is transformed into raw materials, contributing significantly to the development of a Circular Economy and to the achievement of the goals that Portugal has committed to achieve.