DECEMBER 22, 2017

With 70 years of history, EGF has an environmental path of excellence and today is a leading European company in the environmental sector and leader in the treatment and recovery of waste in Portugal.


Founded on December 22, 1947, the history of EGF is marked by innovation and has been a beacon in many areas, in sectors as diverse as agronomic modeling, aeronautics, food distribution and the distribution of infrastructure in the Tagus basin.


But it is in the waste sector that the EGF is highlighted - EGF was present at all times and from the beginning in the environmental revolution that transformed Portugal, from a country that put its waste in waste dumps to a country that is proud to treat and to value the waste it produces.


Portugal is today a European and World reference in the fast and efficient way in which it has solved its waste management problems, but also increasingly knows how to transform them into resources and raw materials. It is with pride that EGF contributes every day to this success.


The First 70 Years

It was with eyes in the future that EGF materialized on December 7th, a working meeting with its leaders, with the objective of discussing the themes that mark the present and future activity of the company. At a time when there are many variables and uncertainties in the waste sector, EGF is once again planning and delivering solutions because we believe that the sound past is a lever for a promising future.