AUGUST 24, 2020

ERSUC has launched the “Mercados a Reciclar” campaign dedicated to the markets in its area of ​​intervention. This innovative campaign aims to encourage the separation of recyclables in markets, which will allow them to be sent for recycling, avoiding the dispersion of waste in adjacent spaces.




With this campaign, ERSUC intends to reward the Mercados a Reciclar award to participating markets, which stand out for their commitment to reducing the environmental impact resulting from the market, promoting proper management of waste.



Mercados a Reciclar represents a market with a character of responsibility and concern for sustainability, which will be a differentiating element.


“Municipalities request our collaboration in the markets, places of great waste production, which often cause problems when carried by the wind, this campaign appears in the dynamics of ERSUC's proximity to their municipalities, in solving common problems”, said Miguel Ferreira, ERSUC's administrator.


An ERSUC team will be in the markets to sensitize marketers to the correct separation of recyclables, providing means that allow this separation.


The campaign started in partnership with the Municipality of Estarreja, in the Municipal Market of Estarreja, and will soon be extended to other municipalities.