APRIL 22, 2019

Resiestrela, an EGF concessionaire in Cova da Beira, increased its biodegradable municipal waste processing capacity, as part of an investment of €1,137,400, in the implementation of a new Biodegradable Urban Waste Maturation Park (RUB).


With this investment, it will be possible to reduce the deposition of RUB in landfill by increasing the existing Mechanical and Biological Treatment capacity in order to meet the targets established by the PERSU 2020.


The construction of a covered biological maturation park (maturation) has expanded the existing maturation area at the Fundão Urban Solid Waste Treatment Center, as well as the acquisition of turning equipment for piles of organic material.


It will thus be guaranteed the additional treatment of 10,000t of RUB, in order to obtain a quality organic compound and in compliance with the legislation inherent to fertilizer matters.


With this investment, Resiestrela will promote the valorization of the total of the rubs received, avoiding that part of the organic matter present in this waste, is destined to the sanitary landfill. This investment is integrated in an application approved by the POSEUR - Operational Program Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources, financed by 85%.