July 09, 2019

VALORLIS, the EGF concessionaire in the Leiria region, and the Marinha Grande City Hall, presented the project "Ecological Islands" to the population on July 4 in Marinha Grande.


This project - selective proximity collection - is a pilot project that aims to bring ecopoints closer to the population, provide means for separation in locations where there is difficulty in placing ecopoints and increase the amount of waste sent for recycling.


"Valorlis has been reinforcing the ecopoints network in its area of ​​intervention by bringing containers to the recyclables of the population, so as to make the separation of these wastes more convenient. In some areas of Marinha Grande this reinforcement will be done by replacing traditional ecopoints with smaller containers, placed closer to each dwelling and in greater numbers, "explains Marta Guerreiro, Valorlis' Delegate Administrator.


Provision is made for the proximity collection of 618 containers (206 ecological islands) for the separation of the recyclable waste by the population, collected with a specific collection vehicle with the following phasing:


Phase 1 - from July 8: Amieira, Albergaria, Marinha Pequena, Pero Neto and Trout

Phase 2 - September, Comeira, Guarda Nova, Order and Portela

Phase 3 - September, Embra


The areas covered in this project are residential areas with a greater density of small dwellings and areas where there is difficulty in the placement and collection of traditional ecopoints. It is estimated that the population covered by this action is about 10,000 inhabitants.


This action will require close monitoring by Valorlis to improve the selective separation of recyclables, analyzing the filling degrees and adjusting the periodicity of collection. The installation of the "ecological islands" will be accompanied by door-to-door sensitization by Valorlis teams to the residents of the areas covered, which will clarify any doubts regarding the separation of waste and warn of the correct use of the containers.


"This project aims to encourage the habit of separating domestic waste, making available other forms of deposition, explains Marta Guerreiro and adds" Valorlis has the participation of the entire community around this project to jointly achieve the demanding defined targets for Valorlis in terms of material sent for recycling. "


The "ecological islands" - Proximity Collection are co-financed by the POSEUR - Operational Program for Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources, and aim to increase the amounts of selectively collected waste.