SEPTEMBER 14, 2018

Next Tuesday, 18.09.2018, will be held the fifth lecture of the Centre for Communication of the Oceans, a project that seeks to unite the Portuguese-speaking publics, face-to-face and virtual (via LiveStream), on different themes related to Oceans


This initiative will be attended by Madalena Presumido, Executive Manager of Valorsul, which will address the issue of waste of resources.


The session will start on September 18, at 4:00 pm, at the Lisbon Academy of Sciences, which can be attended in person and free of charge, but also in LiveStream at







Do you "Percebes"? Pollicipes Pollicipes - life at the edge of the tide

- Teresa Cruz - PhD in Biology and Principal Investigator of MARE - Center for Marine and Environmental Sciences, University of Évora in the State of the percebe projects and AQUAPOLIS + Aquacultura do percebe.

- David Jacinto - PhD in biology from the University of Évora. Researcher in the Research group Estuaries and coastal zones of MARE - Center for Marine and Environmental Sciences, University of Évora.

- Joana N. Fernandes - Researchers at MARE - Center for Marine and Environmental Sciences, University of Évora, integrated in the research team of the research project of the percebe.


Tap water: the sustainable option for all

- Celeste Santos Anselmo - Degree in Social Sciences from the Autonomous University of Lisbon, coordinator of the Documentation and Information Center of EPAL. Member of the Board of Directors of "Águas Livres", the Journal of EPAL and, since June 2017, assumed the responsibility of Environmental Education.


Know wasted resources

- Madalena Presumido - Licensed in Environmental Engineering, was responsible for several studies and plans in the area of ​​waste in Portugal. She is Executive Manager of Valorsul and a specialist in the area of ​​resource utilization.


About the Oceans Communication Center

The Oceans Communication Center is a project of Nysse Arruda, journalist and curator, nautical specialist for more than 20 years in Portugal, author of several publications and awarded in 2016 by the Femina Prize. It started this project to promote the debate on the essential issues associated with the Sea, and obtained institutional support from several institutions, especially the Presidency of the Republic, the Ministry of the Sea, the Ministry of the Environment, the Lisbon City Council, the Hydrographic Institute, the Sciences of Lisbon, IPMA and Unesco-Portugal.

This project is also sponsored by the Olympic sailors João Rodrigues and Joana Pratas, but also with the Brazilian sailor Torben Grael, the surfer Garret McNamara and the American NGO Marine MegaFauna Mozambique.


About EGF

EGF, Environmental Global Facilities, is a European company of reference in the environmental sector and leader in waste treatment and recovery in Portugal. Reinforced by its integration into the MOTA-ENGIL Group, EGF is the majority shareholder in 11 waste treatment concessionaries: Algar, Amarsul, Ersuc, Resiestrela, Resinorte, Resulima, Suldouro, Valnor, Valorlis, Valorminho and Valorsul.


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