OCTOBER 18, 2017

Gabriela Ventura, President of EGF's Board of Directors, will participate this week at the conference on the State Budget for 2018, organized by VdA and APGEI, on October 26, under the theme "Future Challenges".
The event is opened by Tiago Marreiros Moreira (VdA member), who is also a speaker at the Fiscal Panel: "OE Fiscal News and Future Prospects" with Samuel Fernandes de Almeida (VdA Member). In the Business Panel with the theme "Present and Future Challenges", there will be a moderated debate by journalist Paulo Ferreira, in which EGF CEO, Roland Berger Portugal President, Novo Banco CEO and President of the Forum for Competitiveness will participate.


The conference will take place on October 26 in Lisbon, at the Hotel Ritz. For more information: OE 2018: FUTURE CHALLENGES