MARCH 9, 2018

EGF - Environmental Global Facilities, in collaboration with Projeto_80 and the Manuel António da Mota Foundation, promoted the launch of the environmental education action "OUR HOUSE IS A PLANET" at the Amarante High School on March 8th.


The project is the result of a joint work of EGF Concessionaries ALGAR, ERSUC, RESIESTRELA, RESINORTE, RESULIMA, SULDOURO, VALNOR and VALORMINHO, and was supported by the Environmental Fund and the National Strategy for Environmental Education 2020.


The first sessions of this project took place in Amarante, on March 8 and 9 with more than 500 students from the Marão Basic School,  S. Gonçalo School and Amarante High Shool. In the initial sessions, the Secretary of State for Education, João Costa, and the Deputy Secretary of State for the Environment, Cátia Rosas, were present, as well as representatives from various public entities and associations.


The themes of Reduction, Reuse and Recycling are thus approached in an innovative way, using as itinerant planetary resources and 3 films projected in 360º, which allows an interactive dynamic with students and participants. This action contributes to an active citizenship in the field of sustainable development, in the construction of a low carbon, rational and efficient society in the use of its resources.


The films tell the story of two brothers, Guida and Rui, in versions adapted to various ages, which, according to the film they are going to see, develop an action that will alert and explain why reduce, reuse and recycle waste which we all do in our homes.


This project will soon start a cycle of presentations in various events, initiatives and schools of the various teaching cycles. The agenda for this initiative will be available shortly, and can be consulted on the EGF website and the companies that participated in the project.