MARCH 29, 2019

APP Recycle Bingo was again recognized, this time by APCE - Portuguese Business Communication Association. during the award ceremony of communication, which took place on March 28 at Casino do Estoril. RecycleBingo received the award for Best Digital Support, and already has a total of 5 more prizes in its curriculum:


- Sapo Creativity Awards 2018 recognized as winner Recycle Bingo, in the services category.

- Media Awards & Advertising (GOLD)

- XX Annual Advertising Festival, organized by the Clube de Criativos de Portugal: silver in two categories - Mobile APPs and Mobile Games - and bronze in User Design Experience (UX).



Results achieved until December 2018

+ 8,700 users
Privacy Policy
+ 7,600 followers on facebook

EGF was a finalist with 5 projects

In addition to APP Recycle Bingo, EGF also had 4 other finalist projects:

- EcoEventos - Category Campaign / Services

- Campaign Recycle is Worth More - Category Innovation in Communication

- Ecovalor Program - External Social Responsibility Category

- Plastics and Marine Environment - External Events Category (up to 1,000 people)


 The total information about the finalist projects can be consulted HERE


About the APP

The main mission of the game is to make visits to our usual Ecoponto. Through geolocation our Smartphone, the App knows that we are close to it.
Upon check-in we unlock a set of friendly animals, the EcoGifts, with which we fill our BinGo cards. Each time we complete a card, we earn EcoMoedas - which we can exchange for great prizes, such as movie tickets, discount vouchers, and more. In addition to this main mission, the application is launching special surprise missions with the aim of improving Portuguese knowledge about recycling, maintaining the involvement with BinGo Recycle and of course rewarding the most friends of the planet.


More information about APP at