FEBRUARY 8, 2021

EGF, a MOTA-ENGIL Group company responsible for the treatment and recovery of urban waste in 174 municipalities in Portugal and 60% of the Portuguese population, registered in 2020 an increase in the selective collective of 4% compared to 2019, an increase that contrasts with the decrease in total waste production of -5%. 


In February 2020, before the effects of the pandemic, Selective Collection grew 19% compared to the same period last year and everything indicated that it would be a year of marked growth, reflecting the investment made by EGF in Selective Collection and in campaigns with the population. However, with a pandemic and due to the consequences on the activity of companies and changes in people's behavior, the numbers registered are lower than the initial expectation, but they are nonetheless positive, due to the population's adherence to EGF awareness campaigns, supporting the effective and growing participation of citizens in the habits of recycling. 


Pandemic Effects 


Attention should be drawn to the effects of the COVID-19’s pandemic with these results, which highlight the increased presence of families at home (where more waste is recycled), and, consequently, the movement of waste production to the outlying city areas, the closure of local trade, the near absence of tourism and the changes in consumer habits. However, it is also clear, that this is a year in which the waste produced is falling, contrary to the increasing trend of recent years


Recycling never stopped 


It should also be noted that EGF’s concessionaires, despite this being a year of extreme challenges, have never stopped their services to the population, particularly the selective collection activity, but also the sorting plants operation, as they have been able to implement solutions and adapt to the new conditions, always with the utmost care for the safety and health of their employees.


We highlight the excellent performance in collection of recyclables of the companies Amarsul, Suldouro and Resinorte with growth above 16% compared to the same period of 2019, and, conversely, the companies Valorsul and Algar, greatly affected by the absence of tourism and closure of trade.


This information represents the consolidated data of 11 concessionaires, distributed from North to South of the country, for the year 2020 and illustrate the behavior of 60% of the Portuguese population.