16 MARÇO 2018

The selective collection of packaging in 2017 saw an increase of 6% in the area of Valorsul, the EGF Concessionaire for the region of Lisbon (North) and West. The positive trend was registered in all materials and in all municipalities. Valorsul returned to fulfill this year the established goal of sending packaging to recycle, reaching, in 2017, the promising 45 kg per inhabitant per year.


The main goal is to reach 2020 with this indicator at 49 kg / inhabitant.


Currently, Valorsul sends for reuse and recycling 28% of its municipal waste (including organic recovery).


Reducing the placement of biodegradable waste in landfills is also a national goal, and Valorsul has kept its disposal below target. For more information


More information at www.valorsul.pt