SEPTEMBER 23, 2019

The new Resiestrela Door to Door collection service, implemented in 4 municipalities, collected 77 tonnes in the first 6 months.


This service, implemented in the municipalities of Almeida, Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, Fornos de Algodres and Meda, has collected around 40 tons of paper and cardboard, 9 tons of plastic and metal packaging and 28 tons of glass and already has more than 200 tons adhering establishments.


According to Resiestrela Administrator, Nuno Heitor, “We intend to grow in more quantities and more collection points in these municipalities and in the remaining municipalities where this service is already implemented, so that together we can reach the recycling goals and go to the meeting of the objectives and goals defined in the Resiestrela Selective Collection Resumption Target - PERSU 2020 Resumption Action Plan ”


The door-to-door collection service aims to increase the collection of recyclable materials, glass, paper / cardboard and elastic, as it is found that waste containers in some areas contain large quantities of recyclable materials, that were being taken for undifferentiated treatment. With this service, these materials can be valued, with benefit to the environment and the consequent reduction of their treatment costs borne by the Municipality.


This service is performed free of charge to the user entities, by a duly identified car and Resiestrela employees and will be provided weekly at shops and services wishing to adhere to door-to-door collection of recyclable materials.


Resiestrela believes that by promoting environmental awareness among entrepreneurs and traders, it will allow, through a collective effort, an increase in materials recycling, improving the Quality of Life of each one of us.