MARCH 02, 2020

Resiestrela, EGF's concessionaire in Cova da Beira, brings the project “A Nossa Casa é um Planeta” to schools. The awareness actions that make up the project are integrated into the ECOVALOR Program, as part of a joint application by the 11 concessionaires belonging to EGF to POSEUR (Operational Program for Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources).


This environmental education action includes the production of 3 films specially designed with content suitable for 3 different target audiences: Kindergarten; 1st, 2nd and 3rd Cycle; Secondary / Adult.


With an innovative approach, and designed on itinerant planetariums, the awareness actions include, in addition to film presentations, games on environmental themes and delivery of pedagogical materials that allow for the consolidation of the knowledge obtained.


At the moment, the locations considered by this action are the schools in the municipalities of Almeida, Belmonte, Covilhã, Fundão, Manteigas, Penamacor and Vilar Formoso.


Dates and places of the activities:


  • Rodrigo's School (Covilhã) - February 19th;
  • Pedro Álvares Cabral School (Belmonte) -  February 20th;
  • School Headquarters Grouping Schools of Fundão - February 27th;
  • Manteigas Basic and Secondary School - February 28th;
  • Escola EB 2/3 Ribeiro Sanches (Penamacor) - March 17th;
  • EBS School Dr. José Casimiro Matias (Almeida) and EBS Vilar Formoso School on March 17th.

The themes presented in this initiative are based on the Reduction, Reuse, Recovery and Recycling of materials and energy, replacing the end-of-life concept of linear economy, with concepts of Reuse, Restoration and Renovation. In such a way, the action contributes to active citizenship in the field of sustainable development and to the construction of a low carbon society, rational and efficient in the use of its resources.