MARCH 08, 2019

Resinorte, EGF Concessionaire in the North Central region, in partnership with the Lamego City Council, is reinforcing the network of selective waste collection in its region, through the installation of new containers throughout the county, integrated in the campaign of environmental awareness "Set the Right Container!".


The selective collection allows the reduction of urban waste deposited in landfills and the valuation of the collected material, promoting the environmental sustainability and reducing the environmental impacts caused. At this moment, several actions of environmental awareness and dissemination are planned in Lamego, especially in educational establishments and parish councils, with the aim of promoting waste separation and adopting measures that promote sustainability.

These containers are made up of 1,100 liters containers, with different colors depending on the materials to be recycled (paper / carton, packaging and metal, glass), thus complementing the offer of the already installed ecopoints.