JULY 3, 2017

VALORSUL schools save lives of 2,900 trees and avoid importing 2,000 liters of oil.
 The 352 schools participating in the Sort and Win competitions from Valorsul, the EGF Concessionaire for the regions of Lisbon (North) and the West, sent to recycle 324 tons of plastic and metal and 147 tons of paper and cardboard.

The biggest reward is environmental: paper and cardboard recycling prevented the slaughter of 2,900 trees and all the separate plastic allowed to lower the import of oil in 2,000 liters. The schools were also awarded a total of over €37,000.



In the Yellow container (packaging waste), the performance of the EB1 / JI Sacadura Cabral da Amadora, which separated more than 6,500 kg and two schools of the Cadaval, was highlighted: EB1 Painho EB1 / JI with around 10,000 kg and EB1 / JI Dagorda reaching 11,500 kg !

In the Blue container (paper and cardboard), the commitment of the schools EB1 of São Martinho do Porto, with more than 6,500 kg, and of the EB1 of Vimeiro, that surpassed the 7,000 kg, both of Alcobaça. And also the EB1 / JI Moita dos Ferreiros, in Lourinhã, which presented an excellent result, with 13,000 kg of paper and cardboard.

In the academic year that is now ending, Ecovalor, Valorsul's environmental education program for the school community, has reached 300 schools, which translates into the involvement of 53,000 students. In addition to school competitions, Valorsul complements its offer with awareness-raising activities, visits to its facilities and materials on recycling.

In keeping with its commitment to environmental education and recycling goals, Valorsul recognizes the key role of schools and working in partnership with municipalities.

On June 30, the results were officially presented at the Valorsul facility in Cadaval, before environmental and waste technicians in the 19 municipalities.