12 MAY, 2022

Social institutions that recycled the most in 2021 receive awards

More than EUR 500,000 in social support


214 social institutions participated in the campaign Tons of Help in 2021 - the campaign aimed at social institutions and available in about 60% of the national territory. More than 74,000 people, despite the pandemic, implemented good waste reduction and reuse practices and recycled 3,779 tonnes of packaging, significantly surpassing the 2020 figures.

All these institutions forwarded for recycling 2,852 tonnes of paper and cardboard, 859 tonnes of plastic, metal and drink packs and 68 tonnes of glass. The material separated by the institutions was forwarded for recycling and each entity receives its prize according to the amount of packaging separated for recycling, which this year reached a record of 506,158 euros.


TOP + | National Champions

At a national level, we should highlight APPACDM da Trofa, in first place with 689 tons, followed by the Algarve Food Bank (423 tons) and the Food Bank of Setúbal (238 tons). These were the winning institutions, recognised by EGF and the concessionaire of their region.


 TOP+ Regional Champions

Each concessionaire also distinguishes the institutions that recycle the most in each region, and the results of which are published.

Tons of Help Campaign

The Tons of Help social responsibility campaign consists in valuing all recyclable waste that the registered social institutions wish to deliver, namely plastic, metal, paper, cardboard and glass packaging, in exchange for financial compensation.


More information about this initiative on this link: www.egf.pt/pt/sustentabilidade/educacao-ambiental/toneladas-de-ajuda/