MAY 10, 2021

Valnor will requalify and expand the installation of the Organic Recovery Center (CVO) located in the Integrated Solid Waste Recovery and Treatment Center, with an investment of 980 thousand euros, financed by 85%. This investment results from an application approved by POSEUR that contemplates the creation of an area dedicated to the reception of the desired selective RUB and an extension of the covered area destined to the maturation of this fraction, in the Avis TMB, specifically:


Action 1 - Zone dedicated to the reception of RUB of selective select - It contemplates the creation of an individualized zone for reception of RUB, in a contiguous location, but physically separated from the RU reception zone of undifferentiated, ensuring that the fractions do not mix any.


Action 2 - Expansion and Optimization of Processing Capacity


This action includes the expansion and optimization of the processing capacity of RUB, including the installation of a new feeding mat capable of transporting in the amount of RUB that VALNOR receives. The new feeding belt will promote the routing of the RUBs to the equipment for opening bag openers, being fed directly by a loader.


Action 3 - Expansion of the Maturation Park Coverage


Action 3 contemplates the expansion of the covered area of ​​the TMB maturation park, generating adequate conditions for the adequate valuation of the RUBs originating from the selective selection, in an area of ​​about 4,050 m2.


Action 4 - Modification and Expansion of the Command and Operational Control System


The changes that are intended to be performed on the TMB will result in changes in the installation's operating processes. The implementation of the operation will create conditions for a dedicated reception of selective RUB, increasing the potential for recovery of this waste and enabling VALNOR to guarantee the fulfillment of the goals established in the Waste Framework Standard and preparing a benefited infrastructure to meet future challenges to be mastered.


This operation, in summary, includes the creation of a bio-waste line, the creation of a reception area and the modification and expansion of the command and operational control system.


These are new challenges in which we all win - the region wins, the environment wins!