FEBRUARY 22, 2017

The General Director of VALORLIS, Nuno Heitor, participated in the Leiria Convida initiative on February 18th at the Leiria Environmental Interpretation Center where the researcher Luísa Schmidt presented his latest book "Portugal: Environments of Change".
In this work, the author states not only the main environmental problems that affect our country, but also what has been or has not been done for its resolution over the last 26 years.
"It was with satisfaction that I accepted to be part of this conversation in which the motto was the environment and sustainability, and I gave my testimony of the role that Valorlis has developed over its 20 years of activity in improving the environmental conditions of the region", says Nuno Heitor.
Moderated by Mário Oliveira, from the OIKOS environmental association, this session of the Leiria Convida was attended by other guests, namely Filipa Alves (Águas do Centro Litoral), Nuno Heitor (Valorlis) and Councilors of Education and Environment Leiria, Anabela Graça and Ricardo Santos, respectively.
During the session, it was presented the agenda of the Municipality of Leiria for Environmental Education for the period between February and July 2017, to be developed by the Center for Environmental Interpretation and which has the active participation of Valorlis. More information at www.valorlis.pt