APRIL 4, 2021

Valorlis together with Sociedade Ponto Verde will resume this weekend the dynamization of the Ecoporta initiative, which was suspended in November 2020.


With the motto “Separate the Packaging. We collect. We all recycle.” The initiative consists of a team of monitors who will visit the houses in the areas covered by the Ecoporta Project: Picassinos, Comeira (Marinha Grande), Casal do Ralha, Mouratos (Leiria) in order to make the population aware of the existence of a free collection service of door-to-door recyclable waste which, in order to function fully, must count on the involvement and participation of all.


This initiative will continue to raise awareness among the population, the distribution of bags and ecobags for waste separation and also the survey of recycling habits, through the realization of a questionnaire.


With a new approach, closer to the citizen, the objective of the Ecoporta initiative is to involve citizens showing that they can be part of the solution by recycling without leaving home.


“Our main objective is that the inhabitants of the areas covered adhere to the free service we provide them, separating their paper and plastic waste correctly. Each one separates their residues, Valorlis collects them door to door and all together we make a difference ”, says Marta Guerreiro, CEO of Valorlis.


For Ana Isabel Trigo Morais, CEO / Chief Executive Officer of SPV, “door-to-door collection is an essential service to guarantee the forwarding of packaging for treatment and recovery in some areas of our country. Initiatives like Ecoporta allow to ensure the correct information and awareness of citizens so that they know the service and understand that it is only with their participation that it is possible to do it effectively. ”


Door to Door Collection Service


Valorlis has been implementing the Door to Door Collection service since 2001 from the population, in the areas of Picassinos / Comeira, in the Municipality of Marinha Grande and Mouratos / Casal do Ralha in the Municipality of Leiria. The inhabitants of the areas covered store their plastic and metal, paper and cardboard waste in the blue and yellow bags provided by Valorlis and on certain days (3rd and 6th) they place them at the door of their residence and Valorlis collects them.


Valorlis' door-to-door collection service aims to increase the quantity and quality of selectively collected materials and, consequently, to decrease the quantities of undifferentiated waste, through a selective collection system in the residence itself.