JULY 8, 2017

About 100 people attended the 6th Encounter of Home Composting Valorlis, the EGF Concessionaire for the region of Leiria, on 8th July.
The initiative was considered a success, both in terms of the participation of the participants and in the quality of the presentations of the various speakers and trainers, thus making a very positive assessment of this pioneering meeting on this theme at the national level.
Joining the users of home composting bins distributed by Valorlis for an exchange of experiences and providing new learning about this theme and related ones through a series of thematic workshops were the main objectives of the initiative. Throughout the day the participants took every opportunity to clarify doubts and share tips and advice with trainers and with each other and were very interested in learning new ways of cultivating, using plants and seeds and looking for a way Healthier and more sustainable lives.
"This is already an emblematic event for Valorlis, in the same space to bring together people from 5 to 70 years, among seeds, conversations and plants, as a contribution to a future that is intended to be more ecological. The Valorlis Domestic Composing Programme exists for 10 years and allowed throughout this period to divert from the landfill 18.900 tons of waste, positioning the company as a beacon of innovation and environmental and social reference, also contributing to the sustainable development of the region, "says Nuno Heitor , General Director of Valorlis.
The 6th Valorlis Home Composting Meeting took place on Saturday, July 8 at NERLEI - Leiria Region Business Association, in Leiria, and on one day it was possible to collect 130kg of recyclable waste that the participants in the event placed in the packaging waste bin located at entrance of the premises.