SEPTEMBER 18, 2019

Valorlis, the EGF concessionaire in the Leiria region, has advanced to the second phase of placing the ecological islands in Marinha Grande this week.


The Ecological Islands Project - Proximity Collection is a pilot project that aims to bring ecopoints closer to the population, provide means for separation in places where it is difficult to place ecopoints and increase the amount of waste sent for recycling.


This proximity collection project started in July where 53 ecological islands (159 containers) were placed.




The second phase of container placement began this week with the placement of 96 more ecological islands (288 containers) in the towns of Amieirinha, Guarda Nova, Camarnal, Comeira, Fonte Santa, Ordem, Cima, Pedra de Baixo and Portela, following this September, the remaining 57 islands (171 containers) will be placed in Embra.