MAY 14, 2019

Valorlis, Ourém Municipality and Fátima Sanctuary reinforce the selective collection, in an initiative that was supported by Sociedade Ponto Verde.


Valorlis, an EGF concessionaire in the region of Leiria, in partnership with the Municipality of Ourém and the Fátima Sanctuary, reinforced the quantity of containers and the means of selective collection to allow the pilgrims to separate the waste during the pilgrimages of the May 13 to Fatima.


To this end, more containers have been made available for the separation of recyclable waste since May 11 and in the parking lots selective disposal structures and 30m3 containers have been made available for the packaging of paper and paperboard and plastic and metal packaging.



In the surrounding area, daily collection of the existing ecopoints and door-to-door collection were carried out in commercial establishments.


The reinforcement of equipment was accompanied by sensitization, with sensitization teams from Valorlis and backpackers of the Ponto Verde Society in Fatima to encourage pilgrims to make the correct separation of waste.


 "This year Valorlis, the Municipality of Ourém, the Sanctuary of Fatima and the Sociedade Ponto Verde have joined efforts to provide a better service to those who travel to Fátima these days," says Marta Guerreiro, CEO of Valorlis. to provide a welcome to the pilgrims, to create conditions for the site to be cleaned and to send the waste produced for recycling, which is an environmental benefit for all. "