MARCH 15, 2017

Valorlis, an EGF Concessionaire for the region of Leiria, has developed an awareness campaign dedicated to recycling, where a challenge is proposed to schools and social solidarity institutions to promote the collection of recyclable household waste, namely plastic and metal packaging and / or paper/cardboard.
"This campaign, which aims to increase the population's recycling habits, is aimed at schools and social solidarity institutions, seeking to be a more dedicated service to these places where many recyclables are produced, but also where the component of promoting sustainability and environmental education are essential. " - explains Nuno Heitor, general director of Valorlis.
This campaign is an awareness and environmental education campaign, which, through the promotion of the collection of waste for recycling, aims to donate material for educational action, goods or services to schools and institutions of social solidarity from the municipalities of Batalha, Leiria, Marinha Grande, Ourém, Pombal and Porto de Mós.
Thus, all the entities that sign up for the campaign will receive a pack containing the materials associated with the campaign: campaign brochure with information, contacts and waste separation rules and bags. In addition to this pack, environmental awareness visits are planned for all participating entities, where the correct way of separation of the waste will be explained.
Valorlis ensures the referral for recycling of the materials collected in this campaign and the efforts of schools and institutions will be rewarded, depending on the quantities collected, with the acquisition of pedagogical action material, goods or services to be delivered by Valorlis to the participating entities.
"This campaign aims to promote an increase in the collection of recyclable materials, as part of Valorlis's policy started in 2002 with the campaign" A Gift for Health ", to associate the collection of packaging with social causes. It represents for Valorlis an increased collection effort in schools and institutions, but we believe that in this way we encourage the habit of separating domestic waste, essential to reach the demanding goals set for Valorlis in terms of material sent for recycling ", explains Nuno Heitor.
Valorlis, a company that manages the selective collection and treatment of municipal waste in the municipalities of Batalha, Leiria, Marinha Grande, Ourém, Pombal and Porto de Mós, continues to focus on raising awareness in the community, in order to guarantee an adequate functioning of the Management system of the region. For more information: