APRIL 12, 2021

Valorlis acquired a new vehicle dedicated to washing ecopoints that allows washing and sanitizing surface ecopoints intended for the separation of recyclable waste.


This investment, of more than € 300,000, falls within the scope of the Operational Plan for Selective Collection Activity and is part of the continuous improvement of the quality of the service provided to the population, in compliance with the “Container Washing” indicator, inherent to Quality of Water and Waste Services Provided to Users.


The acquisition of this automatic vehicle and the hiring of a team dedicated to this service, will allow an increase in the frequency of washing and cleaning of the selective deposit containers, making this equipment more appealing to the population and reinforcing the safety of its use.


With its own resources, Valorlis proposes to wash the surface ecopoints, inside and out, reinforce the cleaning of the areas surrounding the ecopoints, perform the maintenance of equipment and replace the recycling signs.


In 2020, Valorlis carried out approximately 33 thousand washes and disinfections to the selective disposal equipment made available to the population.


Marta Guerreiro, CEO of Valorlis stresses that "These measures are part of Valorlis' commitment to improving the quality of the service provided to the populations, which we are committed to promoting".


Valorlis has been strengthening its selective collection activity, and following the operationalization in 2019 of investments in this area, Valorlis continued to increase the amount of recyclable waste separated at ecopoints, having grown 10% compared to 2019. In 2020, 360 more containers were made available to the population, with an increase of 41% in installed containers in the last three years, reflecting the highest growth in the Company's history.


Valorlis currently has a network of 1,745 ecopoints distributed across the six municipalities in its intervention area, guaranteeing the ratio of one ecopoint for every 169 inhabitants.


The provision of ecopoints is complemented with the door-to-door collection service in shops and services and programs to encourage separation and recycling from schools and IPSS.