AUGUST 9, 2021

VALORMINHO, in partnership with the Municipality of Valença, is going to promote in the Valença Market, the environmental awareness action, Mercado a Reciclar, this Wednesday, August 11th.


This innovative campaign aims to encourage the separation of recyclables in the markets, which will allow them to be sent for recycling, avoiding dispersion and promoting the recovery of recyclable waste.


With this campaign, VALORMINHO intends to award the “Mercado a Reciclar” award to participating markets, which stand out for their commitment to reducing the environmental impact resulting from the market, promoting the proper management of waste.


During the morning, a Valorminho team will be at the Valença Market to sensitize and motivate traders for the correct separation of recyclables.


This campaign arises from the dynamics of VALORMINHO's proximity to its municipalities, in the resolution of common problems and contributes to an active citizenship in the field of sustainable development and to the construction of a more efficient society in the use of its resources.


The Action in the Market of Valença is a partnership between VALORMINHO and the Municipality of Valença and also has the collaboration of the company ECOAMBIENTE.