JANUARY 31, 2017

Valorsul, EGF Concessionaire in the Lisbon (North) and West region, and EPAL, signed a partnership protocol to raise awareness of the efficient use of water and good practices against waste production.
This Protocol, in the context of Communication and Environmental Education, is a joint plan of initiatives to be implemented with schools and the population. In this partnership work, the two entities will address two major issues, both for citizens and the environment.
The principles of sustainable development of EPAL and Valorsul are reflected in this agreement and, together with the objectives and strategy of Communication and Environmental Education of both companies, will match the message of the actions to be developed. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of Efficient Water Use and Urban Water Cycle and the prevention, reuse and maximum recycling of waste. The two entities are committed to articulate the common areas of Communication and Environmental Education in the areas of water and waste.
The two companies agreed to develop a joint strategy with specific target audiences throughout the geographical area covered by both entities. Educational establishments will be a priority target audience and joint volunteering campaigns involving the school community will be developed. Resources will be shared for communicating common environmental objectives, and project applications may be jointly carried out within the framework of EU programs or others.
Still within the scope of this partnership, the "Separate and Win" competition, promoted by Valorsul with the objective of increasing the quantity and quality of the separate packaging in the yellow container, will also be supported by EPAL in the water efficient sector, in the awarding of prizes to the winning schools in the county of Lisbon, with the installation of new water fountains, delivery of Fill Forever bottles to the best students and free installation of the waterbeep® service. In this school year, in Lisbon, this initiative has the participation of 22 schools and in the previous edition 4 tonnes of plastic and metal were separated.
The signing of the Protocol was attended by José Sardinha, President of EPAL, and Gabriela Ventura, President of Valorsul's Executive Committee. For more information: www.valorsul.pt
About Valorsul
Valorsul is responsible for the treatment and recovery of urban waste from 19 municipalities in the Lisbon and Western region: Alcobaça | Alenquer | About Us | Arruda dos Vinhos | Azambuja | Bombarral | Cadaval | Caldas da Rainha | Privacy Policy | Loures | Lourinhã | Nazaré | Óbidos | Odivelas | Peniche | Privacy Policy | Sobral of Monte Agraço | Privacy Policy | Vila Franca de Xira.
Valorsul values ​​20% of all domestic waste produced in Portugal, serving 1.6 million inhabitants. Valorsul produces and exports 2% of national domestic consumption to the grid.
About EPAL
EPAL - Empresa Portuguesa das Águas Livres, S.A., is a company in the State business sector, owned 100% by AdP - Águas de Portugal, SGPS, S.A.
EPAL's intervention area, until 1935, was limited to supplying and distributing water to the municipality of Lisbon. As of this year, EPAL's area of ​​intervention is progressively expanding, with 35 municipalities in the Greater Lisbon area and the north bank of the Tagus river filling up. Since July 2015, EPAL has been responsible for the delegated management of the multi-municipal water supply and sanitation system in Lisbon and Vale do Tejo (LVT), awarded by Decree-Law no. 94/2015 of 29 May, which includes 86 municipalities . Currently the area served by EPAL and LVT covers 95 municipalities that occupy a territorial area corresponding to 33% of the Portuguese mainland, serving 3.8 million inhabitants.