APRIL 21, 2021

On World Earth Day, Valorsul presents the 100% digital awareness campaign “SOLUTION IS REDUCING”. The objective is to raise awareness of the 1st school cycle to the problem of increasing waste production.


The project “THE SOLUTION IS TO REDUCE!” is now available online at www.asolucaoeredicando.com so that all schools and families can access its contents. The awareness kit includes the Digital Animated Book “What is the solution?”, Which tells the story of Manuel, a driver who collects garbage, and his concern about the increasing amount of waste that people make; the original Music of Manuel with tips for reduction and reuse and activities associated with Reduction, Reuse and Recycling.


During the 3rd period, 300 classes will receive an awareness raising action by videoconference to streamline the content.


In an interactive session between 4 classes, explored in a playful and educational way, it is intended to take the youngest to reflect on the change in daily habits necessary to reduce the amount of waste we do at home and at school.


Waste reduction is the most important measure in the waste management hierarchy: the first of the 3Rs. That is why this project appears with content dedicated specifically to this theme, in which Valorsul invests in training for prevention.




In addition to awareness-raising actions, Valorsul continued the inter-school competitions, in which 189 schools in YELLOW - separation of plastic and metal - and 179 schools in AZUL - separation of paper and cardboard are participating. In addition, about 30 institutions also participate in separating their recyclables.