SEPTEMBER 16, 2019

VALORSUL celebrates 25 years. On September 16, 1994, EGF concessionaire VALORSUL was born in the Lisbon (North) region with the ambitious goal of finding a solution and destination for the thousands of tons of municipal waste produced in Greater Lisbon and later, in 2010, in West region.


VALORSUL's domestic waste treatment system is a milestone in the history of municipal waste recovery in our country.


For 25 years, VALORSUL has invested in the potential of waste as real resources. It was at Valorsul that Portugal saw the birth of its first energy recovery center and, years later, the first station to treat selectively collected biowaste.


The result of the work carried out in the last quarter of a century is remarkable: per year, a production of electricity equivalent to 2% of national domestic consumption using exclusively waste; a production of more than 600 tons of compost for agriculture, 74,000 tons of materials sent for recycling and the fulfillment of all environmental goals with lower costs for citizens.


VALORSUL's priority is to improve the public waste management service provided by the company to municipalities and citizens. It was the first company to obtain recognition from the regulatory authority with the award of the “ERSAR Excellence Award” for the quality of its waste management services. municipal waste in 2018.


VALORSUL's future will continue to be through strong investment in innovation and commitment to the highest quality standards, through innovative awareness-raising strategies, increased capacity for selective collection, growth in the selective collection of organic matter and optimization of treatment infrastructures.


The territory served by VALORSUL covers a very diverse geographical area with 19 municipalities and where 1.6 million inhabitants reside. Every year, it receives and treats almost 1 million tons of waste, valuing 20% ​​of all domestic waste produced in Portugal.