october 12, 2021

Valorsul, in partnership with SIMARs in Loures and Odivelas, will launch an innovative project for selective collection. Entitled “Contentão, a container with a big heart” it aims to involve local communities in recycling, guarantee the separation of their waste and, through a dynamic of conversion into financial support, help an association in their parish.


In practice, Contentão is a large space where families and businesses can deliver their recyclables, knowing that all the material correctly separated will revert to a local association.


The first phase of the project starts in October in the parishes of Bucelas and Odivelas. The associations to which financial support will be channeled during the first year have also been selected by the project's jury. In the parish of Bucelas, the Grupo Musical e Recreativo da Bemposta will be a partner, a 70-year-old community that, among other things, keeps the local culture and tradition alive. In Odivelas, it will be the Association of Residents of Colinas do Cruzeiro, which promises to streamline the separation of recyclables in the neighborhood and the parish, thus raising funds to carry out its mission.


Contentão continues Valorsul's strategy of combining the company's growth with its social responsibility, at a time when most associations are facing difficulties due to the pandemic. This project can contribute annually with values ​​of up to 7,500€. And the amount to be allocated to each association will be directly related to the quantity and correct separation of recyclables in this new equipment, throughout the year.


Through the population's adhesion to this pilot project, Contentão will be able to reach “with its big heart” to all the parishes of Loures and Odivelas.