FEBRUARY 20, 2020

In 2019, Valorsul, an EGF concessionaire in the Greater Lisbon and West area, met all environmental targets with an increase in recycling in all materials sent.


More 8,500 tons of material than in 2018, was the number registered in the company's Sorting Centers that totaled, in 2019, more than 93 thousand tons received.


The separation in plastic and metal ecopoints was the one that registered the highest growth (13% more than in the previous year). There followed a very positive evolution in the separation of glass for recycling (10% more). Paper and cardboard recycling grew 9%.


In 2019, each inhabitant sent, on average, 55 kg of materials to recycle. This value means that, in just two years, each person separated an average of 10 kg more. Lisbon is the municipality in the region with the highest recycling per capita, with 102 kg of packaging separation per inhabitant.


Valorsul also could not exceed 16% of biodegradable waste deposited in landfills and complied. Overall, Valorsul sent 40% of its urban waste (packaging, organic and others) for recycling, also fulfilling this important goal.


West Region registers the highest growth


In the 14 municipalities in the West that are under concession to Valorsul, this evolution in recycling was even more positive, with growth of another 20% in glass, another 21% in paper / cardboard and another 25% in the delivery of plastic and metal packaging.


This sharp growth was due to a strong investment in selective collection carried out by the company with over 1500 ecopoints, 28 more collection vehicles and awareness campaigns.