JUNE 22, 2017

Valorsul, the EGF Concessionaire for the Lisbon (North) and West regions, is promoting the use of aggregate for road construction, and, in its launch campaign, provides a free 20-tonne load, with transportation included, to the first 20 orders.

Additional quantities only pay for shipping. The offer is limited to a 60 km radius of the facilities in Vila Franca de Xira.
The Valorsul aggregate is a CE marking product that complies with European legislation and harmonized European standards. The material was studied, with excellent results, and approved by the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering. This material is innovative in Portugal, but is commonly used in other northern European countries, such as the United Kingdom, Norway and Germany.

In the area of ​​road paving, this artificial aggregate - suitable for ungrounded layers of base and sub-base - is a solution very well adapted to the road construction since it has characteristics similar to those of the natural aggregates, being a reliable alternative that associates a Non-plastic behavior, high shear strength values ​​at good strength. Of extensive granulometry, it has already been used in the sub-base of roads where heavy vehicles usually circulate and also in landscaping arrangements in several municipal services. Its production complies with the specifications of NP EN 13242: 2002 + A1: 2010.

The artificial aggregate of Valorsul comes from waste valorization, reason why it fits in the 5% of recycled materials that obligatorily all the public works must incorporate. In addition, it is a perfect example of circular economy, sparing the use of natural aggregates, so often extracted from quarries and rivers.

For those who are building roads or paths and need to purchase gravel or tout venant (and will carry large transport costs), this is an opportunity to save on the account of your work and the resources of the planet.