JULY 2, 2021

The “Let's Clean Europe” movement emerged in 2015 and has been followed by Valorsul since the beginning. This movement aims to sensitize citizens to environmental issues, in particular to waste abandoned in natural spaces and the need to clean these spaces.


The 2021 edition of this project runs from May 9th to November 28th, 2021 and Valorsul is once again the coordinating entity of this initiative for its 19 municipalities. If you want to make a difference and participate in this movement, you can count on Valorsul's support.


This year's “Let's Clean Europe” project has a longer duration, to give all those interested the opportunity to organize climate-compatible cleaning events, always respecting the restrictions imposed by the pandemic situation.


In 2021, for the first time, it is possible to organize and register plogging actions - a sport that is good for health and the environment by combining running with garbage collection: it encourages people to exercise and also to collect garbage during its practice, with the objective of making spaces cleaner.


More information about this European-wide initiative is available on Valorsul's website, including the registration of cleaning actions.


Everyone can participate and organize an action, from groups of neighbors, individually, municipalities, companies, schools, associations, etc.